I’m currently a first-year graduate student of Northwestern Polytechnical University with the supervision of Prof. Yuchao Dai, and I graduated with the honor of an outstanding graduate from School of Computer Science of NWPU in July 2020.

I used to be a Research Intern on topics related to 3D Scene Reconstruction and Understanding at 3D Vision Group @ MIG of SenseTime Research from October 2019 to May 2020, working closely with the research group of Prof. Xiaowei Zhou, CAD&CG, ZJU.

I worked in 3D Vision Research Lab supervised by Prof. Yuchao Dai as an undergraduate Research Assistant on Lidar/Visual 3D Registration and Reconstruction, Dual Lidar calibration, etc.

I’ve served in the NWPU Dancing Robot Research And Training Base - Rescue Robot Group Team - Explorer for two years as a Robot Software Engineer and Team Leader since July, 2017. As usual, we participate in RoboCup Rescue Robot League Regional Open Competitions, and my main contribution is about SLAM, Robot Localization and Navigation, Path Planning, etc.

Research Interest

3D Visual Perception, 3D Vision, Robotics, SLAM, Deep Learning, Autonomous Driving
Point Cloud Registration and Understanding
Point Cloud Scene Flow


Github: MaxChanger
Email: sunjiadai AT foxmail dot com, sunjiadai AT mail.nwpu.edu.cn