I love traveling and photography, and the scenery in northwestern China is usually exciting.

Extracurricular Activities

Vice President | Tencent Innovation Club
10/2016 - 07/2019
– 2016-2017, served as the leader of the WeChat team, and was awarded the best team of the year
– 2017-2018, served as the director of the club’s network advertising department, was awarded the outstanding member of the annual Tencent Innovation Club
– Achieved the first place (1/21) in the competition of college clubs affiliated to Tencent Inc in 2017

Chief Propagandist & Technical Support | Summer Social Practice Activities
– Participated in the school-level summer social practice activities
– Research Objective: the current situation and future prospects of Guangzhou’s shared economy
– Responsible for advertising, filming and video editing

Minister of Public Relations Department | Computer Volunteer Service Team
10/2016 - 10/2018
– Provided computer maintenance service for students and teachers for free
– Connected community organizations to organize and arrange free computer maintenance activities