Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, 09/2016 - 06/2020
– Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology
– Overall Average: 88.28/100 (TOP 10%)
– College Comprehensive Evaluation Ranking: 1/248
– Advisor: Prof. Yuchao Dai

Intern Experience

3D Vision Group of SenseTime Research, Hangzhou, 10/2019 - now
– 3D Scene Reconstruction and Understanding
– RGBD Indoor Scene Reconstruction
– Advisor: Prof. Xiaowei Zhou and Jiaming Sun


Leader of Rescue Team – NWPU Dancing Robot Research And Training Base 07/2017 - 08/2019
Research Topic: SLAM, Robot Localization and Navigation, Path Planning
In the Rescue Robot League, robots search for several victims placed in a simulated field of a disaster site and discover and rescue them. These robots have mechanisms for both operator control and autonomous operation. They are also equipped with devices such as a camera, a temperature sensor, and a carbon dioxide sensor.
Main Duties: SLAM and Autonomous Navigation, using Lidar and Hector Slam or Cartographer algorithms, combined with projects based on some open source algorithms, then optimize and adapt them to our robots.
Video: [Rescue Team Explorer – Result Presentation][Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance Control Algorithms Show]

Major Member – NWPU Peak Experience Program Supervised By Prof. Yuchao Dai 10/2018 - present
Research Topic: Visual Technology of Unmanned System Based on Deep Learning
Lidar/Visual 3D Reconstruction, Deep ICP, Multi-sensor calibration, Visual SLAM such as ORB_SLAM etc.
Achievement: Data acquisition and reconstruction of buildings using 3D Lidar and Cartographer has been implemented. Calibration of the extrinsic parameters between Camera and Lidar has been achieved.
Main Duties: Lidar/Visual 3D Reconstruction, Deep ICP, Multi-sensor calibration, Visual SLAM
Video: [Velodyne-16+IMU+cartographer][Dual Lidar Calibration]

Junior Intern – NWPU Center for Optical Imagery Analysis and Learning (OPTIMAL) 12/2018 - 05/2019
Research Topic: Unsupervised Learning Hash Encoding Schemes for Efficient Image Retrieval
Transform high-dimensional media data into compact binary codes and generate similar binary codes for similar data items, under the supervision of Dr. Zhanxuan Hu.
Main Duties: Combine Unsupervised Clustering with Deep Hashing, Implementation based on Pytorch

Group Leader & Programming Member – NWPU Mathematical Modeling Base 08/2017 - 03/2018
Research Topic: Solving real-life problems using mathematical modeling
Won the Meritorious Winner International First Prize in 2018 MCM/ICM (Problem D: Out of Gas and Driving on Electric) and won the Provincial First Prize in 2017 National Mathematical Modeling Competition.
Invited to instruct the team of college to participate in the mathematical modeling competition organized by the school in May 2019.

Honor & Awards